A Decade of Experience

Starting from europe, expanding through asia

Who We Are

Making the best Silent Technology available to everyone is our main goal.

What really makes us different from our competitors are the continuous efforts in research and development; you could easily see our products rebranded. That only means that you are using the best silent equipment available.

But there’s something more that couldn’t be easily replicated, our respect for the environment. Using our silent equipment means organizing a sustainable event.

Our Approach

We Take Care of Everything

Efficiency, quality and reliability to offer customers innovative silent audio equipment. Excellent sound quality and high performances are the result of the continuous efforts in  technological research, basis of our project.

We wanted to bring to Asia the solutions that made us Leaders in Europe. We rely on a certified sanitation process to offer you the product in perfect hygienic conditions. 

Our dedicated logistic service, will easily manage the products dispatching process, making sure that the delivery will be completed respecting the established time.


— Our Mission

Giving to people the possibility to access the best silent equipment available and organize their own silent events by sharing our knowledge and skills acquired during our decade experience.


— Our Vision

Making possible the realization of a complete sustainable silent event, starting from recycled products, without any form of pollution, a zero impact experience.


— Our Story

In 2012 two guys had a dream…

Who Loved Our Equipment